We're on a mission to create gender equality through sustainable fashion

We are Hannah Vincent and Rob Marsh, the owners of WYNAD Clothing.

After being together for 9 years we decided to leave London and our jobs and travel the world together. We travelled to India and volunteered with the TGG Foundation in Wayanad, Kerala who provide secure working opportunities to women in the local area through a stitching workshop known as "the women empowerment centre".

Initially, we wanted to work with the team at TGG to create a small collection for a UK audience. A percentage of our sales would come back to fund the growth of the women empowerment centre and provide more work for more women.
The idea was solid but the first attempt didn't hit the mark. In Feb 2017 we had no idea what we were going to do with the business and then we received a phone call from Glenn Elliott of RG Foundation. He had heard about what we were trying to do and asked if we wanted a grant to go back to India and set up the business properly. 

So in May 2017 we went back to Wayanad to begin working on ideas and designs for a Spring/Summer collection to launch in the UK. We collaborated with designers Arpitha Rai and Grace Quinn to create a collection inspired by our love for post-punk music. Staple wardrobe necessities mixed with more abstract, experimental pieces for both men and women. 

We then travelled across India to meet with Fair Trade certified suppliers who shared our vision for gender equality and could help us bring our clothes to life. We've been fortunate enough to work with some truly inspirational people who make our clothes. Our model is still the same.

10% of every sale we make will directly support women empowerment projects in rural India.

After a year in India we came back to the UK with our full launch collection just in time for Fashion Revolution Week 2018. If you want to watch some of our journey please take a look at our Youtube page.

And our story is only just beginning!